Advice Office

The CCMA is offering training to its users and social partners on the new labour law amendments. The training is customised to suit needs and varies from half-day presentations to two-day workshops. Since March 2014 over 3,500 participants have undergone training, representing a wide range of constituencies across the country.

The training is designed for all users of the CCMA and Bargaining Councils, including union officials and shop stewards, employer organisation representatives, legal practitioners and HR/IR managers. Training is offered in all CCMA Regions and is facilitated by experienced and specifically capacitated CCMA commissioners.

The amendments are far reaching and a good understanding of them, along with their practical application, is essential.

The training covers all main aspects to the new amendments and in each case will address the reasons and the core changes.

Participants will benefit by understanding:

  • the purposes of the amendments;
  • how to practically interpret and apply the amendments; and
  • how the amendments will impact on workplaces.

An Amendments Resource Guide will be handed out at the training. A fee is charged. Training on specialist aspects of the amendments will also be on offer.