Letter from the Director

Dear Applicant

CCMA Commissioner Recruitment Process

Thank you for the interest in joining the CCMA.

The CCMA formally embarks on a recruitment process for Full Time and Part Time Commissioners on an annual basis. Vacancies are advertised in the media and on the organisation’s website.

The recruitment process involves all candidates to complete an application form and to submit their CV’s including all relevant documentation in support of the application after which candidates are shortlisted based on knowledge, skills and experience. Those candidates that meet the basic minimum requirements are then requested to participate in a knowledge-based assessment that is conducted at the various CCMA regional offices. On successful completion of the assessment, candidates are invited to an initial interview with an interviewing panel of CCMA managers who recommend successful candidates for a final interview to the Governing Body interview panel.
Successful candidates are recommended to and submitted to the Governing Body for appointment.

When candidates have been formally appointed, they are issued with a conditional offer of employment and required to attend a six (6) month training programme which needs to be successfully completed. On completion of the training programme, the individuals are formally appointed as Full Time or Part Time Commissioners.

The Commissioner intake usually commences during May where the vacancies are advertised by the end of May in the relevant media sources. It is therefore suggested that you visit the CCMA website careers page to confirm the Commissioner recruitment dates.

You are also welcome to contact our National HR Office at (011) 377 – 6601 should you require further information.

Yours sincerely,

The CCMA Recruitment Team

A downloadable pdf is available here