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The Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), through its Dispute Management and Prevention (DM&P) Unit offers a range of support services and  capacity building programmes to CCMA Users and Social Partners including trade unions, advice officers, managers and workers. These outreach and capacity building services are aimed at delivering the CCMA’s social justice mandate through ensuring accessibility to all. The DM&P unit was established in 1999 with only 1 123 activities being conducted amongst the country’s most vulnerable people. In the 2016/17 financial year, approximately 37 000 Users were reached through the facilitation of 2 500 outreach services and capacity building activities held across communities in South Africa.


Employment security is a vital element to the labour market, through the Promotion of Employment Security service, the CCMA provides a holistic, integrated strategy in addressing business distress and job insecurity by taking into consideration every possible solution to create business health and job security.

Through the programme on ‘How Best to Use the CCMA and The Law’ the CCMA attempts to empower CCMA Users and social partners on the interpretation and practical application of key aspects of labour law and CCMA processes, including the latest developments in labour law jurisprudence. The focus for this training is on ‘training for learning and doing’, this means that a hands-on skills development approach is employed.


The CCMA’s project on Transformation of Workplace Relations focuses on improving relations within the workplace through support services such as Building Workplace Relations (BWR) and Managing Conflict in the Workplace (MCW). In the 2016/17 financial year, the CCMA successfully facilitated eleven (11) Managing Conflict in the Workplace (MCW) and thirteen (13) Building Workplace Relation (BWR) interventions and the success of these interventions is indicative of the confidence that the labour market has gained in the CCMA and its services.


The ability to be a good negotiator is an essential skill in the workplace. To establish the real needs of individuals involved in conflict, parties to a conflict need to be able to effectively negotiate in a non-threatening environment. The Effective Negotiation Skills training programme aims to develop and improve practical skills in negotiations on both sides of the bargaining table, (the employer and labour negotiators in both the public and private sector).  This programme will assist parties to gain a better understanding of the negotiation process in a context on how to settle or not to settle, developing negotiation skills, determine position versus interest/need and the role players.

Contributing to the streamlining and effective use of CCMA dispute resolution processes, the CCMA offers activities that promote compliance with and appropriate usage of CCMA dispute resolution process, importantly to this process is the conducting of user trends analysis where specific trade union or employers use of the CCMA is analysed, a presentation is then prepared and delivered with the associated outcomes and the identified problem areas discussed.

Other noteworthy services worth mentioning include but are not limited to the following;

  •        A comprehensive course on Preparation for Representation of Parties at the CCMA Arbitration Hearings.
  •        Workshops dealing with Unfair Discrimination in the Workplace
  •        Workshop providing an overview of Labour Law Amendments
  •        Specialist workshops on Specific aspects of Labour Law Amendments

Furthermore services are provided based on user requests which fall with the capacity of the CCMA.

The CCMA prides itself with its Dispute Management and Prevention services and activities which are available to everyone and urges all role players in the labour market to make use of these services.

For more information, Users are urged to contact Dispute Management & Prevention Coordinators or Commissioners at their nearest Regional CCMA Office or visit our website on

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