Information Sheets

Arbitration Info Sheet CCMA-I807-2018-01 110 K DOWNLOAD
BCEA Amendments Info Sheet CCMA-I854-2019-01 107 K DOWNLOAD
CCMA Rules Info Sheet CCMA-I808-2019-01 180 K DOWNLOAD
COGP Collective Bargaining Info sheet CCMA-I855-2018-01 105 K DOWNLOAD
Essential Services - Appl Investig and Disp Res Info Sheet CCMA-I852-2019-01 106 K DOWNLOAD
LRA Amendments Act 8 of 2018 Overview Info Sheet CCMA-856-2019-01 106 K DOWNLOAD
NMW exemption regulations Info Sheet 2019 isiZulu CCMA-I868-2019-01TZ 142 K DOWNLOAD
NMW exemption regulations Info Sheet CCMA-I868-2019-01 130 K DOWNLOAD
NMW Info Sheet 2019 CCMA-I853-2019-01 128 K DOWNLOAD
Short Time Work Info Sheet CCMA-I851-2018-01 125 K DOWNLOAD
Unfair Dismissal Dispute Info Sheet CCMA-I849-2018-01 190 K DOWNLOAD
Working Time Info Sheet CCMA-I843-2018-01 128 K DOWNLOAD
Unfair Labour Practices Disputes Info Sheet CCMA-I824-2018-01 115 K DOWNLOAD
Unfair Labour Practice and Unfair Dismissal Diputes Info Sheet CCMA-I806-2018-01 137 K DOWNLOAD
Transfer of Contracts of Employment Info Sheet CCMA-I823-2018-01 126 K DOWNLOAD
Termination of Employment Info Sheet CCMA-I818-2018-01 104 K DOWNLOAD
Skills Development Info Sheet CCMA-I842-2018-01 102 K DOWNLOAD
Review Applications in terms of Section 145 of the LRA Info Sheet CCMA-I814-2018-01 101 K DOWNLOAD
Promotion of Access to Information Act Info Sheet CCMA-I844-2018-01 105 K DOWNLOAD
Polygraph Testing Info Sheet CCMA-I839-2018-01 99 K DOWNLOAD
Pension Funds Adjudicator Info Sheet CCMA-I837-2018-01 104 K DOWNLOAD
Organisational Rights Info Sheet CCMA-I822-2018-01 180 K DOWNLOAD
Ministerial Determinations Info Sheet CCMA-I836-2018-01 102 K DOWNLOAD
Harassment Info Sheet CCMA-I832-2018-01 104 K DOWNLOAD
Enforcing Awards - Amended S143 of LRA Info Sheet CCMA-I825-2018-01 202 K DOWNLOAD
Employee V Independent Contractor Info Sheet CCMA-I810-2018-01 137 K DOWNLOAD
Conciliation Info Sheet CCMA-I820-2018-01 101 K DOWNLOAD
Maternity Rights Info Sheet CCMA-I848-2018-01 108 K DOWNLOAD
Maternity Benefits Info Sheet CCMA-I840-2018-01 103 K DOWNLOAD
Leave Info Sheet CCMA-I838-2018-01 102 K DOWNLOAD
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Info Sheet CCMA-I804-2018-01 138 K DOWNLOAD
CCMA Fees and Costs Info Sheet CCMA-I801-2018-01 173 K DOWNLOAD
Small-scale retrenchment Info Sheet CCMA-I841-2018-01 126 K DOWNLOAD
Written Particulars of Employment Info Sheet CCMA-I828-2018-01 106 K DOWNLOAD
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) Info Sheet CCMA-I826-2018-01 575 K DOWNLOAD
Desertion Info Sheet CCMA-I829-2018-01 84 K DOWNLOAD
Discrimination Info Sheet CCMA-I821-2018-01 55 K DOWNLOAD
Section 198A-D of the LRA (Non-standard employment) Info Sheet CCMA-I815-2018-01 111 K DOWNLOAD
Sexual Harassment Info Sheet CCMA-I816-2018-01 166 K DOWNLOAD
Employment Equity in the Workplace Info Sheet CCMA-811-2018-01 107 K DOWNLOAD
Retrenchment in terms of section 189A of the LRA CCMA-I805-2018-01 114 K DOWNLOAD
Rescission and Variation Applications Info Sheet CCMA-I813-2018-01 102 K DOWNLOAD
Probation Info Sheet CCMA-I846-2018-01 87 K DOWNLOAD
Poor Work Performance Info Sheet CCMA-I803-2018-01 111 K DOWNLOAD
Misconduct Info Sheet CCMA-I812-2018-01 110 K DOWNLOAD
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