CCMA Commissioner Recruitment Process Letter

Comm Recruitment Process Letter

CCMA Commissioner Recruitment Process Letter

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Researcher National Office (Post level: P08)

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The Legal Services Department (Research Unit) has a vacancy of a Researcher.

Purpose: As part of the Research Unit, based within the CCMA’s Head Office, your role will entail the following;

- Proactively analyzing economic data/indicators in order to determine and forecast economic trends whether in a particular region, the country and/or the international market. Your forecasts and predictions should be guided by extensive research conducted on multivariate interconnected factors at interplay and have an influence on the labour market.
- Independently managing delegated research projects from inception to finalisation, whether in response to a need or in pre-emption of a research need.
- Conducting legalistic research aimed at keeping our Commissioners and external stakeholders abreast of the latest legal developments.
- Developing forecasting models/tools in support of the CCMA’s proactive conflict resolution mandate.

In consortium with your colleagues within our multi-skilled Research Unit, your recommendations and analyses will inform high-level decision-making processes relating to programme developments, review of policies, development of training programmes, review of functions in the organisation and the management of resources as well as the deployment of the CCMA’s interventions

Key Performance Areas:

• Attend client (internal departments) briefing meetings
• Proactively analyse & develop a database of economic data (indicators, etc.).
• Conceptualisation & Development of predictive models
• Clean & analyse CCMA caseload data (CMS Statistics).
• Design and conduct economic research to identify trends and formulate economic forecast models.
• Advise on potential economic unrest (economic impact analysis and strategic support to decision makers) that may affect the labour market.
• Benchmarking best practice models/frameworks/indicators.
• Conducting Impact Assessment studies.
• Conducting Climate Assessment surveys.
• Conducting Needs Assessment studies.
• Development of Terms of Reference (TORs)
• Independently and/or collectively conducting research studies (Proposal drafting, Development of research tools, Sampling, Data collection, Data analysis, Report writing, Presentation of findings, etc.). Suggesting that one needs expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
• Conducting desktop research.
• Contributing to the Research Unit’s publications, including publishable journal articles
• Contributing to & updating the Research Unit’s Economic Dashboard.
• Contributing to and compiling the industrial action barometer/indicator and other labour market monitoring tools
• Monitor labour market to produce, update & circulate labour market indicators/barometers/monitors.
• Administering regional awareness campaigns.
• Provide public awareness regarding new legislation/any amendments made to the legislation.

Key Requirements:

• A degree specialising in the Social Sciences with a specific focus on Research sciences
• A postgraduate degree specialising in Research Methodology/Statistics (Masters degree would be advantageous) OR A postgraduate degree specialising in Economics/Econometrics (Masters degree would be advantageous)
• 5 years’ applied research experience either in private sector research or public sector research. Not theoretical knowledge, you must have worked actively in research studies.
• Knowledge of the labour market & legislation.
• Knowledge and proven expertise in research practices, protocols and methodologies.
• Understanding the CCMA’s functions and purpose.
• Presentation and communication skills.
• Proven report writing skills demonstrated by the delivery of high-quality results, recommendations and reports.

(PLEASE NOTE: Photocopies of TWO research publications/reports need to be emailed to H.R once you have been shortlisted. The submissions should demonstrate the candidate's ability to conduct qualitative/quantitative research and economic proficiency. ONLY shortlisted candidates will be requested to submit these in preparation for their interview and will be required to make a presentation on the day of the interview.)
Technical Competencies:-

• Computer Literacy
• Knowledge of database management techniques
• Sound knowledge of Statistical tests (validity tests, reliability tests, Anovas etc)
• Knowledge of the South African labour market
• Knowledge of SPSS/STATA/ ATLAS t.i
• Knowledge of the CCMA
• Knowledge of applied Labour Law

Behavioural Competencies:

• Trustworthy, Honest, Accountable and Loyal
• An analytical mind with a meticulous (attention to detail) attribute
• Proactive
• Problem-solving and solution-orientated
• Ability to work well under pressure
• Self-motivated/Driven
• Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
• Exceptional time management & prioritization skills
• Project management skills
• Ability to take criticism well
• Ability to take and follow instructions well
• Maturity (Emotional Intelligence)

Closing date: 30 November 2018

To respond in confidence, please send your detailed CV, a certified copy of your qualifications, and a covering
letter disclosing information that will assist the panel in considering your application to

When responding to the advert please ensure that the position reference Ref: RNO11-18 is quoted first on the subject line, as is. Failure to observe this protocol may result in your application being disqualified.

If we have not responded within a Month from the closing date, you should regard your application as unsuccessful. Correspondence will only be entered

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